January 22, 2021


Haircolor Diaries: Your seasonal guide to haircolor, no matter your hue. Let’s take a look how you can warm up those winter locks in this icy cold weather.



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Fight the winter blues with tones that connote warmth. Wind and dry air can dehydrate your hair making it appear dull and lackluster. This is the perfect time for an all-over gloss with a demi-permanent no ammonia formula to keep hair looking hydrated and shiny.

Nothing provides more shine than gold, and just like jewelry, you want to get the right gold for your skin tone. Think 14 karat yellow gold for warmer skin tones and nickel white gold for cool tones. Looking to try something new? Consider a rose gold to add just the right amount of spice that’s ideal for any skin tone.

Keep your spirit bright by indulging yourself with some DIY love. Sit by the fireplace (or radiator) while giving your hair a deep-conditioning treatment.


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Cozy up with a thick sweater, stretch out under a soft blanket and embrace your inner brunette. Nothing looks sultrier than a rich brown mane during the winter months.

Show off your personal expression by keeping accent color below your cheekbones.

Cool skin tones should gravitate toward shades such as cocoa, café au lait or walnut. Warm skin tones will be complimented from shades like caramel, honey or sandalwood.

Winter weather can be unforgiving on the condition of your hair. Give some TLC by wearing a braid or ponytail, stretching the time between shampoos an extra day or two. Spoil yourself with a deep conditioning treatment at least every other week.


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It’s time for some drama.

Show off your flawless skin, embrace your inner diva and strut your stuff! Get them doing a double-take when they see how easily you can convert to a stunning redhead.

Deep coppery chestnut, titian and russet tones all compliment warm skin tones. If you’re rocking a cool red, consider merlot, mahogany and rich burgundy red.

Think this might be a phase? Perhaps. Go for this seasonal shift using an ammonia-free demi permanent shade that gradually fades out with each shampoo.


Needing more fall color inspiration. Try out a shade with virtual try-on, no-commitment but all the fun!