March 11, 2020


Gloves. To wear or not to wear. Let’s be honest here, even us hairdressers have a hard time wearing gloves from one client to the next. Though, there should be no debate about it. Check out these two straightforward reasons why you need to wear gloves when dyeing your hair at home. 


Safety first!

Frequent exposure to certain ingredients in permanent hair color can cause dermatitis, better known as skin irritation. The symptoms could include dryness, itching, burning or rash. 


Keep that manicure pristine!

If the color will dye your hair it will dye your skin and nails too! Say no to brown fingertips!  


When it comes to wearing gloves, it’s really an easy choice. Wear them! We know that many at home color systems come with a huge-not very useful set of gloves that are cumbersome and rip when applying. But we’ve got you covered! Not only are the gloves found in every Color&Co Personalized Haircolor by L’Oreal colorbox salon quality in fit and thickness, you get 2 pair!