Color Mix 1: Ends

Step 1: Apply color mix 1 immediately to dry, unwashed, detangled hair. For best gray coverage, use the bottle and saturate the hair completely.

Pro Tip
Use your fingers to separate the hair into smaller sections before coloring. Take your time to ensure even saturation.

Step 2: Begin in the back and apply color mix 1 to the lengths and ends. Work towards the front.

Step 3: Gently massage into the hair, front & back, for all over even saturation.

Step 4: Once the color mix is applied to all of the lengths & ends, front & back, its time to mix color 2.

Color Mix 2: Roots

Step 5: Apply to your roots only (first 1-2 inches of hair closest to your scalp). Starting in the front, apply to top and bottom in rows about ¼ inch apart.

Pro Tip
Taking thin partings ensures the color penetrates evenly.

Step 6: Spread the color gently using your thumb or Reusable Colorbrush.

Step 7: When the front is complete, move to the back applying in vertical partings.

Pro Tip
If you are right handed, start on the left and move to the right. Vice versa for lefties. To avoid tangles, use the end of your Reusable Colorbrush to make clean partings.

Step 8: Your application is complete when all of your hair is saturated, root to tip.

Step 9: Start your timer now and process according to your personalized instructions. Up to 45 minutes for stubborn gray.

Pro Tip
While processing, check for missed spots: Use the color mix 1 to re-apply to any hair that appears uncovered at the mid lengths & ends. Use the color mix 2 to re-apply to any hair that appears uncovered at the root.

It’s that easy!