May 22, 2020


Summer is rapidly approaching and now that outside is opening back up (happy dance!), we want to help you protect that beautiful color from environmental stressors. Did you know that your hair color can fade from sun exposure? Follow these easy tips from the pro’s at Color&Co this summer, to protect your hair color from unwanted fading. Whether you are taking a nice long afternoon stroll/run or hanging out by the pool, we’ve got you covered!


Cover your hair.

Have you ever seen an object lose its color when it’s been sitting in direct sunlight for long periods of time? The same can happen to your hair color:  major fading. A cute sun-hat, baseball cap, scarf or head wrap will do the trick!

Use a leave-in treatment with sun protection.

Just like you have to protect your skin from those harmful sun rays, adding a product with sun-protection for your hair will have the same benefit. Look for a product with UV defense.

Deep condition weekly.

The sun and heat can dry out your hair. Deep conditioning weekly will help to maintain moisture levels.

Apply Sunblock to your scalp.

Sunburn is awful. Now imagine the itching and peeling on your scalp… Its 10x worse. When wearing braids or partings that expose your scalp. Don’t forget to protect with sunblock.


Some color fading is totally natural. Skip shampooing when you can and be sure to use a sulfate free-color protecting shampoo and conditioner when you do! Use these tips to keep your color more vibrant longer in that aggressive summer sun.