Color Mix 1: Ends

Step 1: Apply color mix 1 to lengths and ends. Do not apply any colorant to your scalp.

Pro Tip
Apply to the lightest areas first.

Step 2: Apply only to hair that has been previously bleached or lightened. Gently massage into the hair for an all over even saturation.

Step 3: This part of the application is complete when all lengths and end are evenly saturated.

Step 4: Start your timer now and process according to your personalized instructions.

Step 5: Wear gloves while rinsing hair. Rinse hair well until the water runs clear. Do not Shampoo.

Pro Tip
Use a small dab of Infuse Replenishing Conditioner to detangle.

Step 6: Dry your hair using a cool dryer. Do not rub, brush or irritate your scalp.

Color Mix 2: Roots

Step 7: Apply Stain Block to prevent unwanted staining. Apply to skin only, avoiding the hair.

Step 8: Apply color mix 2 to dry, detangled hair.

Pro Tip
If you are right handed, start on the left and move to the right. Vice versa for lefties.

Step 9: Apply to the back of your head using vertical partings. First apply to your roots, then immediately to your lengths and ends. Gently massage color mixture into the hair for all over even saturation.

Step 10: When the back is complete move to the front. Apply to your roots.

Step 11: Once the color mix is applied to all of the new growth, front & back, start your timer. Leave color on roots and process according to your personalized instructions, up to 45 min for stubborn gray hair.

Step 12: Work remaining mixture through hair length and ends. Leave color on for the additional timing according to your personalized instructions.

Pro Tip
Use the Color Mix 2 to re-apply to any hair that appears uncovered. If you have a Reusable Color brush, apply Color Mix 2 directly to the brush head before applying.

It’s that easy!