May 1, 2020


Color&Co Connecting Customers with Colorists Since 2019

Color&Co is a breakthrough personalized hair color service that pairs professional colorists with customers through a unique video-consultation tool. During the consultation colorists analyze the hair profile and history of the customer, and create a unique formula that will deliver the expected color result. The formula is then shipped to the person’s home with all the required tools and instruction to ensure a flawless application.

Color&Co virtually creates a salon without borders, delivering predictable DIY results for home colorers, while providing a platform for salons and salon professionals in need of generating additional income. As a consultant, you can connect to the platform whenever you have the time, and customers will be waiting on the other end. You can also share your own personal link with clients who sit in your chair for cuts and highlights, but maintain their root touch-ups at home.

Traditionally, salons and colorists would be left out of this equation, but with Color&Co the bond between you and your clients is left intact and everyone wins. If you are a salon professional who doesn’t have a full book all the time, who might be tired and wants to rest from standing all day, who just moved and needs to rebuild a book, who has a baby at home or a kid going to college, or who just wants to generate extra income, Color&Co could be a fit for you. We encourage colorists to stay in their regular salon jobs, and connect with Color&Co as a side gig.

“In 2019 I moved to a new city… and had to start from scratch. Working with Color&Co was a great part time gig while I was getting settled in a new area. I had peace of mind knowing I could still have a small stream of income. It also helped me to keep my color mind sharp, connect with clients, and doing what I love most while I was in the early phase of business development.”

Shay, Colorist

How does Color&Co work?

Color&Co uses web-based technology to connect independent hair colorists to customers by video chat, no app required. During a 10-minute conversation, you’ll build a custom, personalized at-home hair color kit, which is then delivered to the customer’s door. Color&Co lets users speak with a colorist instantly via virtual-consultation for free. All they have to do is click on Consult with a Colorist, and they’ll be connected to a colorist immediately via phone or laptop camera.

Who is Color&Co?

Color&Co is a company started by the world’s leader in beauty, L’Oreal, who has over 100 years of hair color experience. Every Color&Co product has been rigorously tested and evaluated by professional colorists and chemists on all hair types to make sure that performance is what you, the colorist, and customer would expect. All Color&Co products are exclusive formulas to Color&Co and are not available for sale through any other L”Oreal brand, professional or retail. They are only available for sale through the Color&Co website. Unlike going to a retail store and choosing off a shelf, Color&Co formulas are recommended to each customer through the guidance of a licensed colorist or through an extensive hair color quiz that has been validated through a collective of licensed, trained professionals.  Color&Co offers a range of shades that are PPD and resorcinol free, plus either low-ammonia or ammonia-free, that can be paired with multiple different developers, applied in numerous different ways, with varied processing times. All of this leads up to infinite color possibilities.

How does Color&Co compare to similar brands that offer affiliate programs?

•Salons and colorists using the Color&Co platform take consultations from customers who come to the website on their own, allowing for incremental earning potential outside of the colorist’s own personal ‘circle’ of customers. Color&Co believes that everyone deserves to look and feel his or her best. We share our professional knowledge and provide personalized color services to women & men who are unable to get to the salon. In fact, Color&Co was created to meet the needs of at-home consumers who are not satisfied with their current at-home hair color offerings and are lacking time or resources to go to salons.

“I recently moved to a new state in December and was on a journey to re-building a clientele. That was cut short. During this very different time that we are living in, it is the ONLY income I have. I just don’t know what I would do if it wasn’t for Color&Co. Every consultation has been met with customers feeling so amazed and optimistic! They love Color&Co just as much as I do.”

Kari, Colorist

•We are the only one offering a video consultation where the client and the colorist are able to see each other and discuss in real time, to determine the best service and color results. Others only use a self-service quiz. Also, some of these brands with affiliate programs send pre-made box shades and same standard instructions for everyone, with limited palette of colors; not offering true personalization.

“What I’m most thankful for is that, as an independent contractor, I am able to work from home and set my hours. This allows me to be closer to my kids…at a time when I most need their support. It’s priceless to know I’ll always have the opportunity to do what I love on a daily basis.”

Lorena, Salon Owner


How can partnering with Color&Co help my business rebuild post Covid-19 closures?

With strict guidelines on reopening, and with limitations on the number of guests any one stylist can service at a time, it would benefit salons to fill their chairs as much as possible with big-ticket services, such as highlights or services that cannot be done at home, such as haircuts. To do a single process root application, where the customer sits and processes for up to 45 minutes while nobody else can be serviced, does not make sense. By partnering with Color&Co, your salon can use their direct link to connect with their single process customers directly, prescribe the best shade for them, give them their own unique tips & tricks for self-application, and earn commission on each sale. The best part here? The personal connection between the salon and customer is maintained, ensuring the customer will return to your salon for regular services when things go back to normal.

“As a salon owner and stylist behind the chair for 15 years I am so thankful to come across a solution for our clients in this time of need. (It) allows me to stay connected with my clients…and still keep that trust and relationship… while earning some income and keeping busy.”

Lydia, Salon Owner