April 22, 2020


Ever wonder why at home hair color never turns out the way you want? The reasons are endless, but the most common is that your hair is already color treated. 

Color&Co colorist Vauneeka explains, “Every application of hair color is important. Was your hair lightened to blonde 6 months ago, then dyed back to your natural brunette? Even though your hair looks like its natural color, it isn’t natural. The blonde hair is still there underneath, it just has a filter over it making it look brown.”  

Why does this matter? Natural hair and color treated hair respond to hair coloring differently. Natural hair can be lightened with hair color and end results are generally more predictable. Previously color treated hair cannot be lightened using hair color and the results are less predictable. Let’s look at this example. 

Let’s say you have a favorite white scarf and you dye it black for the winter. Now it is spring, and you want to change its color to yellow. You drop the scarf in yellow dye, but it does not change. It stays black. You realize the only way to make it yellow, is to lighten the black dye with bleach, making it as light as possible, to then dye it yellow. Make sense? It is the same with hair.  

Bleached hair can respond to hair coloring unpredictably as well. Let’s look at the scenario Vauneeka was describing. Bleached blonde hair can end up with a flat, matte, dull and ashy end result when coloring back to brown if not treated with a little TLC. The reason is simple. All of the natural warm pigments that were removed to make the hair blonde need to be replaced prior to coloring the hair back to brown. These warm undertones provide a foundation for the brown hair dye and keep the end result looking robust and natural-looking. As an added bonus, this extra step will help to keep your new color lasting longer 

If your starting color is blonde and your desired color is brown, you must first re-pigment your blonde hair to look like the red color in the middle.


“Try to remember all of the chemical services you have had over the last 2 years or longer if your hair is long,” says Color&Co colorist Christina. “All of the chemicals you have put on your hair in that time remain on your hair fiber until it is cut off, adding to the unpredictability of your end results. Having a face to face complimentary video consultation with one of our colorists will allow us to manage your expectations and send you a color that will get you on your way to meeting your end goal.” 


Still have questions? Connect with one of our professional colorists and have a live video consultation. This will take away all of the guess work and get you a color that is perfect for you!