In the Spring we introduced our Spring Collection Shades: Cinnamon Spice, Creme Brulee and Tangerine SorbetOur customers loved them! And that’s great, because we are always looking for inspiration on what’s hot and in season. So, if you’ve been asking yourself “what’s a good summer haircolor for me?”, we’ve got news for you. For our Summer Collection 2021 we are introducing Topaz, Amethyst and Ruby, jewel tones that are rich, vibrant and multi-faceted – perfect for the season! 


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Golden blondes and brown hair colors never get old. They are classic and complement our bronze skin in the summer months. Shades of Honey and Amber are literally Beyonce’s go to hair color, and we are here for it! These shades can be used to create the popular Sand Tropez hair color or even the perfect “bronde.” 

Who’s it for? Sun-tanned skin and warm eyes. Amber and Moonstone make green and hazel eyes sparkle. They are excellent for gray coverage and should be maintained with a Color Gloss Conditioner. Try Sunkissed Gold to keep it soft and natural or Warm Red Copper if you’re feeling bold. 


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Not tan in the summer? That’s OK. We’ve got you covered. I mean Kelly Osbourne is killing it in this beautiful amethyst shade of violet. 

Who’s it for? Cool hair colors are flattering for cool and deep skin-tones. Accentuate the rose in your skin and the blue in your eyes with a violet hair color. A fun way to experiment with a violet hue is by topping one of these shades in Demi-permanent over your existing highlights or balayage. All the fun without the commitment, get it! Morganite and Spellbound do provide some gray coverage, while Amethyst should be done on pre-lightened hair for most vibrant results. Maintain these shades using Color Gloss Conditioner – Mahogany Rose for Morganite and Cool Red for Spellbound.  


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The vibrant hair color trend is still moving at full speed, so jump on the train and try one of these attention-grabbing shades of red, it is the Color&Co hair color pick for the year 

Who’s it for? These Ruby shades work for both warm and cool skin tones. Who doesn’t love pink hair? Rose Quartz is fun, yet elegant for spring and summer. Like the Amethyst collection, these shades can be used over existing highlights or balayage for a more vibrant finish or used as a gloss over brown color for a more dimensional hair color. Garnet provides the best gray coverage, while Ruby You should be used on hair that is more natural than gray. For your color care routine revive these shades with Color Gloss Conditioners. Mahogany Rose for lighter shades and True Red for medium to dark shades. 

Most of these inspirational shades are available via our haircolor quiz. However, for best results and assistance with matching shades an expert colorist is available for a free face-to-face video consultation. Shine on this summer!