April 3, 2020


You’re spending more time at home. Deep breath in.  It’s not the time to freak out, but to consider how to make the best of it. Deep breath out.

I say this from experience, because I’ve been working strictly from home for the past year. Prior to working remotely, I held a regional position that required a lot of travel. I was in and out of salons every day, meeting and connecting with people on a regular basis.

Then, I accepted a position working from home and almost overnight, everything changed. My whole life needed adjustment: organizing my time, managing the household, personal matters, etc. The lack of social interaction affected me the most! I learned to appreciate even more being with my husband and daughter. I developed fitness and skincare routines that I had been too tired to do before.

Now, with schools and businesses closed, I am having to adjust again. What I’m currently trying to manage is working from home with my 3 year old… whew! Not easy. My advice is to throw perfection out of the window, try to make sure you’re having fun, and simply survive.

So what are some things that you can do now to maximize all this time you’ve got at home? Based on my experience, I had to focus not on how things have changed and how uncomfortable I was (and still am), but rather focus on how I can use this to my advantage to be a better spouse, parent and co-worker. Read on to discover the 9 small self-care tricks I used that made, and are making a huge difference in my experience with working at home.

Try keeping a routine as best you can.

Bathe or shower as usual and get dressed in something other than pajamas. This really helps to increase productivity.

You still want to look professional.

You might not be in the office, but wear make-up, and keep it looking natural. To prevent your computer camera from washing you out, keep it simple: A little mascara, blush and lip gloss are must haves.

Set aside time to step outdoors every day.

When feeling blue or overwhelmed, Vitamin D is a natural mood booster. Can’t get out? Open the blinds or curtains and let the sunshine in.

Dedicate time for breaks.

Really take them. I usually walk outside to get my steps in for the day, or do a chore around the house… Lately it’s been reading or playing with my 3 year old.

Drink water.

At least 2 liters a day will help to avoid dehydration that can cause a lack of concentration and scattered memory.

Enjoy some time to yourself.

Do something just for you. Treat yourself to a facial, reading a book for pleasure, write in your journal, or listen to your favorite podcast!

Incorporate physical exercise.

I gained 5 lbs. in my first few months at home. Talk about depressed…working out really helped me blow off extra energy and sleep better at night, especially during this time of uncertainty.

Video chat as often as you can.

Isolation can be depressing if you let it overtake you. Reach out to coworkers, family and friends over video chat. Chances are that they are feeling down, too, and will welcome the call from you.

Enjoy a glass of wine.

Change is hard, but you are doing it! You deserve it!


If I can leave you with my most important tip, it is to not be too hard on yourself. Trying to balance this new normal of working from home, with maybe having a kid(s) at home too… You are a freaking superhero! Finding a routine, and I use that term loosely, that will work for you and your family is what’s most important! Keep open communication with your employer, they can most likely relate to what you are experiencing. We are all in this together!