March 16, 2020


On average, a head of hair grows about ½” to 1” per month. This can be a great thing if you want and love really long locks or are trying to grow out a haircut or color. Quite the contrary for those of us trying to maintain a color service and cover grays without much notice from our friends and family. Here are a few Pro tips from Color&Co Personalized Haircolor by L’Oreal to help disguise your roots in between color touch ups. 

–“Opt for a demi permanent hair color. If you only have some gray, you can get great blending with a demi. It will create less contrast between your gray hairs and your natural hair color. Because demi permanent color gradually fades from the hair, you don’t have as noticeable a line of regrowth as you do with permanent color.” –Neeka 

Pro Tip
Gray blending works best on hair light brown and darker.

–Try changing your part. Either part your hair in a less gray area or use a zigzag part instead of a straight parting.

–“If your hair is mostly gray lighten up your formula so the regrowth isn’t so obvious. Or if your natural hair is dark and you are going lighter, try a shade closer to your natural hair color to make the regrowth appear less visible.” –Troy

–“Set your subscription for a week earlier than normal application, so color is ready and waiting, at your convenience” –Deb

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–In a pinch? Temporary root cover sprays are a great option for disguising your roots in between touch ups. Not meant to replace hair color, it’s a buildable coverage that washes completely out with shampoo.  

Pro Tip
Be sure to wash this product out of the hair prior to next color service. It can impede the effectiveness of your color.

–Add some dimension to your color. Highlights are a great way to camouflage your grays without requiring too much maintenance.


Not concerned with your roots growing in too quickly because you are ready to embrace your graying hair, connect to one of our expert colorists in a free face-to-face video consultation today about our goals and fun ways to enhance your grays.