March 27, 2020

Your hair is growing. There’s no way around it; dark roots are an inevitable part of your future.

You need a solution fast, and the way to do that could be different than what you think. Instead of heading back to the salon for your next bleach fix, consider embracing your natural hue and blurring that hard regrowth line by softly extending your root.


What is a shadow root and why should you try it?

A shadow root is a really easy way to embrace your natural hair growth by making it part of your overall look. This technique softens the transition between the roots and the highlighted hair allowing for more time between highlight services. While mostly used on blondes, this way of applying hair color can be done with any shade, including red, as long as the natural hair is darker or cooler than the color-treated hair.

What will you need?

Color&Co colorbox

• wide-toothed comb

• hair clips

Pro Tip
A demi-permanent shade is the best option for this service. Get it by consulting with a Color&Co colorist and asking for an ammonia-free shade that matches or is 1 level lighter than your natural hair color.


1. Use the Stain Block provided in your colorbox and apply to the ends of your hair, especially if they are bleached. This will help to maintain your highlights. If your hair is very long or thick and you need extra protection, try supplementing with conditioner.

2. Divide your hair from left to right in the front, and separate from the back.

Pro Tip
For more control and less mess, isolate each section of hair using your clips

3. Mix your color as directed and apply using the color bottle directly to the new growth only. Avoid spreading the color with your thumb, and instead use the reusable color brush found in your colorbox to softly pull the color down the hair strands.


Pro Tip
Do not add additional color or use too much pressure when using the color brush. The idea is to softly transition the color from wet to dry avoiding hard lines.

4. Apply your color to the front portion of your hair, leaving the hairline for last. This way you’ll have control over how soft or deep you want the hair around your face to be. We recommend applying color to the back portion of your hair, only if you have the help of a friend.

5. Pull the color down using a wide tooth comb to diffuse the color for a more blended effect.

6. Allow the color to process according to your personalized instructions, about 20 minutes when using an ammonia-free demi-permanent shade.

There it is! 6 easy steps to keep you looking fresh-longer. Added bonus, if your blonde ends are looking a little brassy or washed out, be sure during your consultation to have your colorist recommend a demi-permanent “refresher.”