January 7, 2021


So, you’ve played around with browns, even blonde hair, but have you ever considered red? Take it from me it’s a bold move, and ultra-attention grabbing.

Nothing lends you more power as a woman than to walk into a room and turn heads. Women who wear and own their red hair, natural or dyed, can attest that it is a conversation starter for sure. As a hairdresser, I feel such great joy whenever I have an opportunity to make someone a redhead.

How do we colorists know what red is just right for you, you might be asking? A little basic color knowledge is all you need. Typically, opposite or contrasting colors create the most beautiful complimentary shades. Check out these ladies (real Color&Co customers btw!) who compliment their skin-tone and eye color for the perfect red shade.

Every good thing comes with a price. There are a few things to consider when choosing red hair color. I’m sure you’ve heard or experienced the high maintenance tendencies that come with having red hair color. For a best practice always use a sulfate-free shampoo and a conditioner for color treated hair. Keeping the cuticle layer of your hair in healthy condition benefits long-lasting color. Using a weekly treatment like Infuse Replenishing conditioner can assist with that, plus the smell is glorious!! Avoid using hot water and hot tools when possible, both equal major fading!

What you also want to keep in mind about having red hair is its brilliance, the shine to be more specific. Refreshing your beautiful red shade with a demi-permanent color will become your best bit of pro-advice.

Demi-permanent colors are typically ammonia-free and sheer, so you can get straight color without the added brown. You can also play with the tones of your red, enhancing and deepening them, since demi’s give you the freedom to change often because they fade in 4-6 weeks. Praise be!

Who’s red-y to spice up their hair for the new year? New year new you, right? From cherry red, to burgundy, copper and auburn, we create really gorgeous red hair! Have a consultation today with one of our expert licensed colorists to start your adventure, because we know redheads really have the most fun!