April 13, 2020


Is your natural hair starting to gray? Do want to conceal your gray, but you are afraid of the commitment? Gray blending is the right choice for you! 


What is blending you ask? 

Blending is a simple way to color your hair that blends or camouflages your gray by adding a color that is similar to your natural color. Generally, this is an ammonia free color that is applied to all of your hair.  It keeps the gray hair slightly lighter than your natural color giving it a very natural highlighted look.   

A color without ammonia will slowly wash out of your hair, you will see little to no regrowth (AKA roots) and your friends will never know it’s been coloredColor&Co Personalized Haircolor by L’Oreal has a range of ammonia free shades that are designed specifically to meet the needs of men. Application is fast and easy.  The color only needs to be left on your hair for 10-20 minutes depending on how dark you are trying to go.   

How often do you need to color your hair to keep it looking fresh? 

Considering that these types of colors fade with time, you can choose to color your hair every 4-6 weeks to keep it looking perfect or extend it up to 8 weeks if you don’t mind it looking a bit faded. 


Blending your gray used to be a thing that only men wanted.  However, many women are catching on to the trend.  They have realized that the lack of commitment and a highlighted look is appealing. Interested in trying hair color to hide those first grays, but are wary of the commitment? Find your perfect blend at Color&Co either through the quiz or with a real-time face-to-face video consultation with a licensed colorist.