What do you love most about your job as a Color&Co colorist?

I love our amazing team. Everyone plays a very important role within the Company and is always available to help one another with a great attitude. We are an extremely efficient team for sure.

How do you customize your customer’s formulation to give them exactly the color they want?

I always start by analyzing elasticity, porosity and texture of the hair, and if the hair has been previously chemically treated. I’m always keeping underlying pigments in consideration and listening to customer’s expectations, so I can have knowledge on how to help them achieve the desired result.

Favorite Color&Co product, and why?

Our amazing cool tones. It’s very hard to find a product that will help cancel unwanted warmth and our cool tones will remain in the hair for a great amount of time without fading and allowing hair to turn brassy.

What would you say is the most common hair color issue customer’s face with at home color?

I think the biggest challenge people face while doing their hair at home is the lack of product saturation. In every single consultation I give, I love to emphasize the importance of saturating the product.

What’s your favorite pro-tip to offer customer’s during a consultation?

Wash your hair 24 hours before a color application so the hair will be semi-clean without too many natural oils and dirt to block the color from penetrating the way it should into hair shaft. Color saturation is extremely important to achieve a great result.

How long have you been a hairstylist? What drew you here?

Almost 19 magnificent years and many more to come if possible. I don’t see myself doing anything else that isn’t related to hair. I started with Color&Co almost two years ago and it just felt so natural, since people ask me often for advice for their hair style and color in general. I really love my profession and I’m very proud to talk about hair every time I get the chance. So, working for this amazing company is like second nature to me. I love to educate all my customer’s and give as many tips as I can so they can enhance their natural beauty.