What do you love most about your job as a Color&Co colorist?

What I love most about my job with Color&Co is being able to work from home while still being able to create exceptional color that is customizable for our customers.

How do you customize your customers formulation to give them exactly the color they want?

The best way to customize the right formula is through our live one on one consultations. This not only helps to see the customer’s hair but also allows for an open dialogue about expectations, hair history and allows us to offer advice on how to improve the longevity of their color.

Favorite Color&Co product, and why?

My all-time favorite product is our Infuse Replenishing Conditioner! It smells amazing! It is good for all hair types. If you have fine hair you leave it on for 2-3 minutes and if you have thick coarse hair you can leave it on up to 10 minutes. It tames frizz and gives an incredible shine. I just love it!!

What would you say is the most common hair color issue customers face with at home color?

I think customers often choose the wrong formula when using most at home hair color. You must first consider the porosity, tone and level your hair is before you choose your desired end result to have success.

What’s your favorite pro-tip to offer customers during a consultation?

My favorite pro tip for customers is to shampoo your roots and condition your ends. Your roots are typically the oiliest and need a good cleanse, but your ends do not. This will only result in dry dull ends.

Another pro tip is to avoid using too much of, or too many styling products. Your hair follicle is alive. From the bottom of that follicle your hair will grow. If your hair is bogged down with too many styling products, it will prevent growth and lead to breakage or even worse, hair loss. Therefore, to keep growing healthy hair it needs to BREATHE.

How long have you been a hairstylist? What drew you here?

I have been a hairstylist for 21 years and I have learned a lot along the way. I always say, “I didn’t find hair, hair found me!”  I will always be grateful for every opportunity along the way.