What do you love most about your job as a Color&Co colorist?

I love connecting directly with our customers. As a hairdresser, I am always amazed at how quickly we find things in common with the people who sit in our chair. Even though Color&Co consultations are virtual, the conversations simply flow and any sense of trepidation or uncertainty about coloring hair at home simply melts away in just minutes.

How do you customize your customer’s formulation to give them exactly the color they want?

I listen to what the customer has to say about what they like, what they don’t like, what experiences they’ve had in the past and adjust aspects of the formula such as tone, depth, vibrancy and saturation level based on what I hear. Additionally, I ask a few questions about their lifestyle such as how often they want to maintain their color and what their long-term goals are. In doing so, I can better determine if a long-lasting permanent or an ammonia-free demi permanent shade is best suited for them.

Favorite Color&Co product, and why?

As a mother of a young child, my favorite Color&Co product is the demi-permanent hair color because of how it gradually fades from the hair. Let’s face it, I don’t get enough me time, so being able to color my hair when-I-can vs. when-I-have-to is super important for me.  I also really love Flow Lightweight Conditioner. It’s lightweight and doesn’t weigh down my curls (which I am learning to embrace)!

What would you say is the most common hair color issue customer’s face with at home color?

Application, hands down. Some of our customers have been coloring at home for years, yet don’t always realize that the way they are applying their hair color is attributing to unsatisfactory results such as ends that get darker and darker over time or poor gray coverage. Other customers are completely new to home coloring and attempt to color their hair the way they see it done in the salon not taking into account viscosity differences and working with a bottle rather than a bowl and brush. I see their fear of coloring at home disappear when I give them tips on how to apply color to common problem spots like the back of the head or the temples. Ultimately, they leave the call with a sense of “I got this!” and for me there’s nothing more satisfying.

What’s your favorite pro-tip to offer customer’s during a consultation?

I like to give tips on how to effectively and efficiently apply the color to get optimal results based on each individual’s goal. For example, how to cover stubborn grays, how to go darker without looking flat, how to lighten the hair evenly, or how to extend the life of highlights when it’s not easy to get to the salon. I always give the ‘why’ behind everything that I am customizing in each formula. For example, why I am choosing the shade that I am in order to achieve the results that you want; or why I am choosing one strength of developer over another or adjusting the processing time. I find that most customers appreciate me taking the time to share with them my thought processes and find genuine interest in learning something new.

How long have you been a hairstylist? What drew you here?

I have been a hairdresser for over 20 years. What attracted me to hairdressing was the idea of working with my hands, being creative and getting to work and talk with interesting people all day. I quickly developed a love affair with haircolor and never looked back! I started traveling around the country and teaching color theory, corrective color and application techniques to other hairdressers. After joining L’Oreal as a full-time employee, I continued my journey by writing education for other trainers while gaining skills in product development and evaluation. I worked with top technical and professional haircolor experts from around the world and have been fortunate to have learned from artistic directors and chemists alike. My passion for haircolor and for always expanding my education is what drew me to Color&Co. As the first hairdresser to join the brand, the excitement I felt when I realized the opportunity of bringing the best of the beauty professional directly to the customer was immeasurable. I worked as hard as I could outside of my comfort zone with data scientists and website developers to take something that had always been creative and innate and translate it to a virtual world. I strove to make the at-home coloring experience intuitive for our customers by creating a live video-consultation with a professional hairdresser and developing a fully automated quiz with precise personalized color recommendations. What keeps me at Color&Co are the incredibly talented people behind the brand and their dedication to our core mission, which is to provide custom made hair color, fully personalized with professional quality, delivered at home.