The purpose of a strand test is to ensure there won’t be any negative affects on previously chemically treated hair. Follow the steps below on how to perform a strand test.

Step 1. Wear the gloves from your colorbox.

Step 2. Using plastic utensil mix together 1 part colorant with 1 part developer in a glass or non metallic bowl. Use only a small amount, as you will need the remainder for your color application.

Step 3. Recap both bottles tightly.

Step 4. Choose one or 2 small sections of hair from different areas to the test color. Apply with reusable colorbrush from first kit.

Step 5. Follow the timing recommended in your personalized instructions.

Step 6. Once timing is complete, rinse with water to reveal color result.

Step 7. If you like results, continue with full color application. Be sure to follow personalized instructions.


It’s that easy!