Step 1. Clean an area the size of a quarter in the bend of your elbow with soap and water. Pat dry.

Step 2. Using a plastic utensil, mix 1 part Color&Co color to 1 part Color&Co activate cream developer in a plastic or glass container. Tightly recap the hair-colorant and developer. Do not use metal utensils.

Step 3. Apply mixture to the test area with a cotton swab or ball.

Step 4. Let test spot dry. Do not wash, cover or disturb for 48 hours.

Pro Tip
If testing a second colorant, follow the same steps on your other arm.

Step 5. Examine test area periodically over the next 48 hours. If you experience any reactions – such as redness, burning, itching, swelling, skin abrasions, eruptions or irritation in or around the test area, DO NOT COLOR YOUR HAIR UNTIL YOU CONSULT A DOCTOR.