Love your hair color but hate the hair color stain?

A major issue many at home color users experience, is trying to get hair dye off skin and the hairline after coloring. In every Color&Co by L’Oreal Colorbox we include both a color stain block and a stain removing wipe. Many similar at home color kits offer no protection at all, leaving it to their customers to resort to creative measures to getting rid of that dark cast left behind. Most likely resorting in redness and irritation caused by excessive rubbing.

To best avoid even needing to remove hair dye from the skin, is to prevent staining in the first place, especially if you are using a dark brown or black hair colorsDark shades and vibrant red hair dyes tend to cause the most aggressive staining” according to Color&Co colorist, Christina. “Stain Block, the barrier cream-gel found in every Colorbox, should be applied to the front and back hairline, as well as the tops of the ears to prevent staining.  

Pro Tip
Keep the Stain Block off of the hair as it could prevent the hair from coloring.

Colorist Vauneeka recommends, “Once your processing time is complete, wearing your gloves, massage the hair along your hairline to breakup the color. Something I always did behind the chair to assist with stain prevention as well. Then, proceed to rinsing.”

Remove any leftover traces of color from your skin with the Stain Eraser wipe included in your kit. An additional feature to this color removing wipe is that it can be used on hard surfaces as well! So, give those accidental drips and splashes a wipe too!