It’s kind of hard to believe that we are still not getting out as much these days. A lot of people are trying to decide when will be the best time to return to the salon. For safety reasons more and more people are deciding to give at-home color a try. Doing their color at home is not only the safer option, it’s also really easy to do while being much more affordable.

Many husbands, siblings, kids, and friends have been enlisted to take on the new home hair stylist role! One of the questions our colorist team receives the most is, how do you color someone else’s hair? So we wanted to share these 10 tips to on how to achieve salon-like results when you are dying someone else’s hair at home. Let’s jump in!



Start where the hair is the most gray.

Typically, the most gray areas are found around the hairline, at the temples or on the natural part. Starting the application there allows the color to process longer, which is especially helpful when the grays there are resistant or stubborn.

Saturate the hair thoroughly.

For an even application, be sure to be generous with your saturation. If the saturation isn’t sufficient the end result will be spotty.


Always take fine partings.

To further assist with even saturation, take partings thin enough to read a newspaper through. If the hair is fine you can get away with a larger section or parting.


Take vertical partings on the sides of the head.

Vertical partings allow you to have better control of the hair, which will lay nicely out of the way as you work through the side sections.

Perform the application in an open space.

Working in a kitchen or large bathroom is optimal to ensure you have enough space to work around the entire head comfortably.


Always double check your application.

Cross-checking, the term us pro’s use when checking our work for missed spots, helps to ensure that we’ve achieved a nice even application. In the case of covering gray hair, if you can see those hairs are poking out, and not covered with the product, they will not get colored.


Break up hair into smaller sections.

Working in smaller sections allows you to apply the color neater and more efficiently.


Take vertical partings in the back of the head.

If you are applying the hair color directly from the bottle, this method is recommended. Working from one side of the head to the other, if you are right handed work from left to right. If you are left handed working from right to left is easiest.


Never bunch or gather the hair to process.

When processing the color, avoid using clips or caps that can gather the hair too tightly. Doing so creates risk that the dyes will not develop evenly by having spots with uneven temperatures.

Add additional time for stubborn gray hair.

The longer the color can process on those more resistant gray hairs the better. Don’t be afraid to reapply in those trouble spots if needed.

At-home hair color applications are totally fun! Add some music, a few magazines and a glass of your fav wine to jazz things up a bit! If you want to get really fancy, apply the other persons color while yours is processing and make it a party every 4 to 6 weeks or whatever your color frequency is! Excited to try out Color&Co and let a family member or friend make you fabulous? Connect instantly and have a free video consultation with one of our licensed colorists today to get your hair party started! Our experts have assisted thousands of women and men make the switch!

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