Have you ever felt like you’ve done your best job with hair color saturation and yet the results are still spotty and uneven? Often, it’s because of an uneven cuticle layer, due to poor porosity (hair health).

A pre-color treatment is one of many hair color tips, that stylists use behind the chair to improve their results for the better! It is a hair color treatment that will help in restoring the hair’s porosity prior to a coloring or lightening service to ensure a more even color result.

Imagine filling a road that has potholes before driving on it. Much smoother, even and more balanced ride, right? That is what a pre-color treatment can do for your hair.

So, what does an at-home pre-color treatment entail? 3 really easy steps:



Deep clean the hair using a clarifying shampoo.

A clarifying shampoo will remove any residual product buildup, pollutants, and other toxins from the hair that can often inhibit the coloring process.

PS. Contrary to traditional beliefs, it is totally ok to wash your hair before dying it, just remember to be gentle on your scalp.


Repair the surface of hair with a conditioning treatment.

The proteins in Infuse Replenishing Conditioner will help to fortify the cuticle layer so that when the coloring and lightening process occurs the action will be more even on each strand from root to tip.


Rinse hair thoroughly.

Remove all traces of the conditioner from the hair, then rough dry your hair on a cool heat setting. Proceed to your color application (can be done up to 24 hours before you color your hair).

When should you pre-treat your hair? Fall is literally the best time for this treatment. After a summer of sun, pools, and beach your hair has most likely undergone a little stress, and your hair’s porosity is not at its best.

Otherwise, pre-treating is a best practice before a hair color service where you will be pulling color through to the ends of your hair. For some, that can be as often as every 3 weeks (though not recommended) up to every 12 weeks.

Need help choosing your next shade? Give our virtual hair color try-on tool a spin for some inspiration, or have a free face-to-face video consultation with a licensed expert colorist today.