‘Get The Look’ is a new on-going series where we will feature hairstyles, hair colors and techniques that are in season and on trend, some made popular by top celebrities. We will teach you how to “get the look” yourself at home with quick color and styling tips. Some of the looks may be easier to achieve than others, but if it can be done at home, you will learn how here.

There were so many beautiful looks at the 2021 Golden Globes, so we did a poll on our Instagram stories for your top red-carpet haircolor picks. Check out the 6 looks you chose below and how to achieve their hair color and style at home.



Color: Achievable at home with best results on natural dark, medium or light brown hair. Lighten using an Ash shade or deepen with a soft Beige or Gold.

Style: Blow dry smooth using a boar-bristle brush for even tension. Add soft curl below the cheekbones using a large barrel iron.

Metallic Gold


Color: Achievable at home with optimal results on prelightened hair or on natural light blondes. Use an ammonia-free demi permanent shade for high metallic shine. 

Style: Apply a light leave-in conditioner to damp hair and layer on a crème-gel. Allow to air dry or diffuse. Finish with your favorite shine spray. 

Silver Pearl 


Color: Ideal for enhancing the natural grays that, let’s face it, you’ve earned A short 20-minute all over ammonia-free Vivid Gray is all you need. Exclusively available by a colorist through live video-consultation. 

Style: Blow dry for volume using a vent or metallic round brush gently curling the ends away from the face. Set with a medium to high hold hairspray. 

Rich Honey


Color: Achievable at home. Best suited to light brown to medium blonde hairKeep the warmth without the brass by choosing a shade within 1-2 levels of your natural hair. Lighten using natural gold tones or add depth with rose gold. 

Style: Spray at the roots with a volumizer then blow dry using a round brush. Set the hair while it’s still warm on rollers and allow to cool completely. Finish with a fine mist setting spray before releasing. 

Sugar Cane


Color: Stunning and glamourous, this color looks simple but is best left for a pro (in-salon). All-over bleached hair requires regular and frequent touch-ups but can be maintained at home. Keep this color on-point using a demi-permanent toner that will neutralize yellow and/or use a color toning conditioner in the shower. 

Style: Keep your bleached hair looking healthy, long and voluminous by adding extensions. Blow dry using a paddle brush to avoid adding extra strain on the strands. Finish with a light oil or glossy serum. 

Mushroom Bronde


Color: Cool and natural-looking, the beauty of this look is how it can make fine hair look abundant. The trick is to either use two different shades (one darker on the bottom, one lighter on top) or to lightly highlight the top layer of the hair then follow with a tone-on-tone demi to avoid ‘streaks’. Both techniques are best when paired with a one-length bob. 

Style: Flat iron the hair when it’s 100% dry on medium to low heat. For extra drama (why not?!) follow through with the iron without adding an additional bend at the ends 

Thanks for playing along on Instagram! We hope you enjoyed this red-carpet featured ‘Get This Look’ and tips on how to recreate them at home! Not sure how you would look in a certain shade take our Virtual Try-on for a spin! For any additional questions about how to achieve one of these hair colors at home, we have licensed colorists standing by to assist. Until next time…