August 21, 2020

Personalized hair color: A hair color formula and application that is customized for each customer based on hair history, current condition, lifestyle and desired end result.

How many of us, when salons closed down due to the pandemic, stood peering down an aisle of what seemed like hundreds of boxes of hair color? For some, this might have been an easy task, choosing a hair color (if it was even available in your shade), but others were overwhelmed, confronted with feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. Coloring your own hair could be quite risky if you lack the knowledge of which color to use and why, where and how it should be applied, how long it should stay on, etc. This fear exists simply because you’re worried that your expectations won’t be met and that your perfect color is unachievable at home.

Thanks to the technology at Color&Co by L’Oreal, you can now confidently trust that if a salon isn’t the best option for you at any given moment, you are just a few clicks or consultation away from no fuss, predictable, personalized hair color formulated just for you.

What does personalized hair color mean for you?

No Guessing Games 

Whether it’s a free face-to-face video consultation with a licensed colorist or answering a comprehensive color quiz, you can rest assured you are getting the best color for you. Your natural color, hair history, lifestyle and future goals are all taken into consideration. We colorists know all about hair chemistry so we can formulate your color for the best gray coverage with your preference of warmer or cooler tones. Some may need a no ammonia demi-permanent and others a low ammonia permanent color to their ideal end result. Whatever your goal, we’ve got them all covered.

Pro Tip
When taking the quiz or speaking to your colorist, try to be as accurate as possible with your hair history. Up to 3 years if you have really long hair.

No-brainer Application 

No one head of hair is alike. Once we understand where you are starting and what your hair color goals are, we can match an application technique best suited for your hair. In your colorbox are all the tools you will need, including personalized instructions that will explain where to apply your color and for how long. During the consultation, your expert colorist will also give you exclusive tips and tricks that we use behind the chair for a particular application, like how to achieve the look of a color melt, or applying conditioner to your highlights to avoid the ends of your hair from getting too dark.


Complete Reliability

Your color box will be shipped directly to your door. And you can subscribe to have your color coming on your schedule for additional convenience. So no matter if you are a 4 or 8 weeker, get your color in your hands on your terms!


Cindyred from Virginia writes:

“I received my personalized kit a couple weeks ago. It came with everything I needed… I was so anxious to begin, I used it the very night I got it out of the mailbox… I simply followed the directions, and my hair turned out great. I was afraid the red I chose would not turn out as pictured but it did; even better than expected!!! I have been coloring my hair for many years and have used many different products. This brand was perfect. Not only was it very easy, and the color is great, but it left my hair feeling great and looking great!”

Thousands of our customers can also attest that predictable, easy and reliable color is what you get when you go with Color&Co Personalized Haircolor by L’Oreal.