March 17, 2020


Want blonde hair, red hair, brown hair, vivid or pastel? Do it! With endless color possibilities, we’ll create the one just right for you.

Color&Co Personalized Haircolor by L’Oreal offers personalized hair color, created with an exclusive L’Oréal formula with professional-grade color pigments, rich conditioners and shine-boosting ingredients, for incredibly healthy-looking hair.

Consult with a Color&Co licensed professional colorist for expert advice, or take the quiz to receive your personalized Colorbox.


What’s in your personalized Colorbox?

Salon-quality hair color with exclusive L’Oréal technology, but that’s not all.

Personalized Instructions

Expert guidance, every step of the way. We know that applying at-home color can be difficult. We want to make it as easy and professional as possible.

Have you ever had trouble lightening your hair or covering your gray? Let us take care of it.

Not only do you receive a personalized hair color, but you also get customized step-by-step application instructions with exact timings just for you for a flawless hair color application. Whatever your next hair color adventure, your personalized instructions will lead the way.


Your Custom Color

Whether you have a free consultation with a Color&Co licensed professional colorist, or opt for the quiz, you will be prescribed a personalized hair color made just for you.

Cream Developer

Color&Co Cream Developer activates your new custom color.  You will receive either 10, 20 or 30 volume developer chosen just for you based on your starting point & future hair goals.

We provide two customized cream developer volumes for lightening hair for the first time to avoid “hot roots”, and  give you an even color result from root to tip.


Pro Tip
Very long or thick hair?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  We can even customize the amount of color & cream developer you need to get started with your first Color&Co hair color order.

Stain Block

Color&Co Stain Block helps prevent unwanted staining.  Apply Color&Co Stain Block around your front & back hairline, and at the tops of the ears.  A spreadable cream gel consistency will spread easily and remove from your skin quickly. Avoid applying directly onto the strands of hair as it can affect the final color result.

Stain Eraser

Color&Co Stain Eraser removes color stains.  Your last step in the color application instructions, use Stain Eraser wipe to gently remove any color stains from the skin. Use in combination with Color&Co Stain Block to ensure the best stain prevention and color removal. Open the packet just before using for best results.

Infuse Replenishing Conditioner

Color&Co Infuse Replenishing Conditioner is used after color to boost moisture. This replenishing conditioner helps repair damage, improving hair’s softness, smoothness, and manageability. Developed for color-treated hair. Made with protein and conditioning ingredients.

2 Pairs of Gloves

Protect your hands while mixing, applying and rinsing your color.  Color&Co gloves have been chosen for their quality and fit.  A neat application is finally made possible by replacing the poorly fitting gloves commonly used in at home hair color kits. You get two pairs, one for mixing and application and one for rinsing.

Reusable Color Brush

Last but not least is your Color&Co reusable color brush. Inspired by professional salon applications, this Color&Co reusable color brush can be used to double check your application, apply in tight spaces over your ears, and reapply color to the hairline and part.

Pro Tip
This handy Color&Co reusable color brush is only included in your first kit, so keep it to use again on future applications.

With a unique formulas from L’Oreal and personalized instructions, you’ll get the exact color you desire. Love it or get your money back.