The days of buying traditional, one-size-fits-all, store-bought boxed color or spending hours at a salon are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Women and men are now moving towards a more custom, personalized way to color their hair at home. Providing the best of both worlds, custom haircolor is truly the best way to get predictable salon-quality results yourself without making a huge dent in your paycheck. Sound too good to be true? Thousands of reviews don’t lie.

To achieve the exact color result you desire, the accuracy of the hair diagnostic is key. Color&Co Personalized Haircolor by L’Oreal is the only brand to offer a superior level of accuracy through our instant video consultation feature, where a licensed professional colorist can not only see you and your hair, but also take into account your full hair history, its current condition and your long-term hair goals before prescribing a custom hair color formula and method of application. This level of customization is something that other brands just don’t provide, this is how Color&Co can deliver salon quality results at home. Read on to discover how we compare to the other popular custom color brands Madison Reed and eSalon, and learn why Color&Co  is the best at-home haircolor for you.

What Makes Color&Co The Best At-Home Color:

Color&Co by L’Oreal is the most recent player in the custom hair color category and has elevated personalization to another level. Bringing haircolor experts along the way, we’ve made it almost impossible to go wrong with hair color when doing it yourself.

We are supported with over 100 years of haircolor experience. The research and innovation combined with the expertise of our expert colorist team is unmatched when it comes to formulating the best at-home hair color. We can offer not only PPD and Resorcinol free formulas, but also ammonia-free demi -permanent shades, men’s specific shades, and pastel/vivid shades.


Average Customer Rating: The reviews speak for themselves. Outperforming both Madison Reed and eSalon with a 4.4 rating for customer satisfaction Color&Co is making at home color easier and customers are having better results.

Free Instant Live Video-Chat with a Professional: No appointment required. Our team of licensed colorists are available for free instant face to face video consultations from 8am-12am EST Monday through Friday for your convenience. Busy schedule? no problem. Make an appointment for a consultation, you can even choose which colorist you’d like to speak to.

Customizable Kits & Instruction: Each Color&Co Colorbox comes with a personalized and customized formula with instructions tailored to you and your specific method of application.

Unlimited Color Results: The unique combination of a shade mixed with a specific developer for a designated amount of time lends itself to a near limitless array of possible hair color results. Like one-size-fits-all store bought at-home color, Madison Reed does not customize the developer nor application method for each individual customer limiting its offering.

Permanent Haircolor: Color&Co offers a full professional range of low-ammonia long-lasting shades that offer up to 100% gray coverage, vibrancy and lightening while controlling the brass.

Demi-Permanent Haircolor: A perfect partner to permanent shades, demi-permanents can be used to tone, correct, deepen and blend grays. Ideal when trying color for the first time, this ammonia-free option lasts about 6-8 weeks.

Color Conditioning Glosses: Maintain your custom color at home with these conditioners that either neutralize or enhance your current shade.

Men’s Specific Shades & Services: Natural looking, quick blending or full gray coverage shades for men, sent discreetly to your home. No shades or services for men offered by Madison Reed or eSalon.

Pastel & Vivid Shades: Want to try a fun pop of color or enhance your gray hair? Make it happen with these shades available exclusively via consultation.

Premium Salon-like Services: We bring the salon to you. Correcting bleached hair, lightening hair for the first time and glazing your ends while touching up your gray has never been easier. If these services speak to you, talk with a pro here.

Over 100 Years of Haircolor Experience: From the company whose founder invented haircolor (literally), nobody’s been in the game longer than we have. Only Color&Co Personalized Haircolor by L’Oreal can deliver the quality, expertise, and professionalism behind every shade.


Give us a try today and improve the way you experience at-home color. You’ll love it, it’s our color confidence guarantee!