There is nothing better when researching a new product that you want to try and you find really informative reviews! We enjoyed this 5 star gray hair YouTube review by @girlgetglamorous so much we wanted to share her amazing haircolor results with you. We also got the chance to chat with Molly and dig a little deeper to find out why she loved her experience using Color&Co Personalized Haircolor by L’Oreal so much, read on to learn more.

What other at-home color brands have you experimented with, any custom color brands?

I have not tried any other custom home color brands, but have tried a ton of other hair color brands!  I love experimenting with colors and formulas to test shade results, hair health, and color longevity.  I get genuinely excited trying new color formulas.

How was the experience with Color&Co by L’Oreal different from the other brands you’ve used?

One thing that really surprised me about Color&Co haircolor, was that is has a great scent. Anyone who has colored their hair at home can tell you that this is not usually a very pleasant part of the process, ha! Color&Co had a very faint grape bubblegum scent that brought me back to my youth. I absolutely loved it.

I also think it’s genius that Color&Co coordinates the color of the hair dye bottle with the correct level of developer, by using color coordinated dots on each of the bottles.  I’ve colored my hair for 20 years now at-home and have never seen this before.  It’s so smart and makes coloring much easier.

One more thing that I loved about the Color&Co formula was the gray coverage.  My hair is 99% gray and it’s really taken a lot of work for me to figure out how to get total gray coverage with some formulas I’ve used.  I was so shocked, in the best possible way, to see that I had complete gray coverage, that lasted 6 weeks, with my Color&Co formula.


Do you think the consultation made a difference in your overall experience with at-home hair color?

I loved having the color consult before, it was great to talk to a professional to get the formula correct and gave me confidence that I was using the right shade level for my hair.  Kari couldn’t have been nicer or more knowledgeable.  I felt like I was talking to a friend and stylist that had been doing my hair for 20 years.   I also loved that I really didn’t have to lift a finger to come up with a formula.  I just explained what I wanted, showed Kari a photo and then ordered the formula Kari devised.  It showed up 3 days later ready for me to mix and apply.

How long have you been coloring your own hair, and when did you make the switch from going to the salon and why?

I started coloring my own hair at 18 and have had shades of: blonde, brunette, jet black, deep copper, and for the last 11 years: Strawberry Blonde, my personal favorite and the color that feels the most natural for me.  I have always had so much fun trying new colors and tweaking the formulas to vary the results.  Genetically, my hair started going gray around age 18 and now, at age 39, I am almost 99% gray.  I started coloring my hair to help blend the gray, but continue to color now because I love the Strawberry Blonde shade so much.

I have had my hair colored occasionally at the salon, but switched to at-home once I found a Strawberry Blonde formula I loved, that was easy for me to do at home.  It saves me a ton of time every month. I do still love getting a great in-salon hair cut!

Why you are passionate about sharing your beauty journey with your followers?

I started blogging and created GirlGetGlamorous in 2013 as a way to share the products I was using and loving. Then I started sharing my hair color formulas on the blog and my YouTube channel and it was so much fun to see people trying them on their own hair and loving their results.  That solidified my goal of GirlGetGlamorous, which is to help every person look and feel their best.

"10 out of 10 recommend, my hair feels silky, it feels healthy, the results are amazing..."

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