What Are Color&Co Color Gloss Conditioners?

Color&Co Color Gloss Conditioners will freshen up your haircolor in one easy step. This in-shower color toning conditioner is a non-oxidative (semi-permanent) dye that comes ready to use right out of the tube. Color&Co Color Conditioners remove brassiness and instantly refresh your color and boost shine. Available in 6 bold shades, coat the surface of the hair without penetrating the hair fiber for impactful results without the commitment. Our weekly at-home treatment will give you that salon-fresh feel after just one use. Free of ammonia, PPD and parabens, because who wants all those nasties in their conditioner anyhow?​

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Who Are Color Conditioners For?

Color Conditioners can be used by anyone who wants to enhance and/or tone down their shade. Some shades will help keep your color vibrant and long-lasting, while others are designed to neutralize unwanted tones such as brassiness. Our color depositing conditioners can be used on bleached, highlighted, color-treated and non-color treated hair. ​Results may be more vibrant and longer lasting on bleached hair because of variations in porosity.

How Do You Use Them?

Used in shower, once a week in place of conditioner. Apply to wet hair and massage gently. Leave on for up to 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear. Wear gloves provided inside envelope to avoid staining. Lasts approximately 2-5 shampoos.

What Shades Are Available And How Do They Work?

As you can see we have a shade for your hair maintenance needs. Color&Co Color Gloss Conditioner should be paired with Respect Sulfate-Free Shampoo for best results. Shop your Color Gloss Shade here.