Try on hair colors

A virtual hair color try-on is the quickest and most fun way to try on hair color before you buy it, to see what colors will compliment you best. Color&Co by L’Oreal makes it easy to find your perfect shade with our try on hair color tool.

How to use our virtual hair color changer?

  1. Consent to use your camera (best) or upload a picture.
  2. Choose a color family. Do you prefer black hair colors, brown hair colors, red hair colors or blonde hair colors?
  3. Try on a hair color and switch it up in a matter of seconds.
  4. Found a few colors of hair you like? Take our hair color quiz or connect for a free video consultation with an expert licensed colorist.
Pro Tip
Not all shades can be used on all hair colors. Quiz or consultation can validate.

Most of our shades are available in both permanent and demi-permanent colors, so depending on your hair goals we’ve got you covered. Have fun, don’t stress, It’s that easy!