Black History Month is a time dedicated to the spotlighting and celebration of our Black Community for its spirit, rich heritage and contributions to American history, culture, beauty, fashion, music, and sports (just to name a few).

At Color&Co we wanted to recognize a few Black beauty influencers we love who share their appreciation for Black culture and how they are leaving their footprint and inspiring women of all backgrounds. Let’s hear their stories:




What’s your favorite thing about Black culture or what makes you proud to be Black or a Black woman? Black culture is powerful and influential. It is deep-rooted and meaningful and though we have struggled as a people, we always overcome and continue growing. It makes me so proud to be a Back woman, because I am living proof of my ancestor’s wildest dreams!

What inspired you to become an influencer? I can remember from an early age, I always loved the beauty industry, it’s forever-changing and evolving into something new. The odd part was that I didn’t see a lot of women who looked like me and with my big curly hair I wasn’t sure how I fit into the world’s beauty standards. As I began to learn more about what worked for my hair and skin, I started sharing little tips here and there and learned that many women wanted to learn these things as well. It was invigorating to know how you can influence others’ to love themselves, too!

Who is your favorite Black icon, why? Ooh, definitely Nina Simone! Nina Simone not only had a compelling and full voice, but she sang about issues that many artists were afraid to and she made it sound lovely. Nina was bold in her music and true to herself – always.

Have you ever used hair color as a way to express your personality or individuality? I have definitely used hair color as a way to express my individuality! Hair color is one of my favorite outlets to switching it up and you can literally make any color your own in a matter of minutes. I think that’s my favorite part! Red gives me a little sass and a jet black gives me bold! Depends on what I’m feeling that day!


Photo by @jayrshots

What’s your favorite thing about Black culture or what makes you proud to be Black or a Black woman? My favorite thing about being Black is our culture. A key component to Black culture is resilience. We cannot be knocked down for good. We take everything thrown at us and we still continue to create and be innovative. This ability must just be in our blood. This is my favorite thing about being black because our survival, even to this day, depends on it. And, every time we are challenged to do so we rise to the occasion. Even when we shouldn’t have to, we do. We persevere every time.

What inspired you to become an influencer? There was a defining moment for me to want to become an influencer. It was like a eureka moment when I was in college talking to my older sister. She talked to me about being pigeon-holed based on your work experience. I knew that, in a general sense, I never wanted that to happen to me. So, as someone already uploading to YouTube, I thought long and hard about what I could do to have the freedom I wanted to grow within what I was doing as a career and I realized YouTube would allow me the freedom to adapt my content to my life changes. YouTube could be my way of expressing all of me and trying to help others along that journey whether it be fashion tips or a kind reply to a comment about endometriosis. It all started with that conversation with my older sister Angel.

Who is your favorite Black icon, why? One of the first people to truly wowed me was Flo-Jo. She is the fastest woman of all time for track and field. I found out about her in middle school when I decided to run track. She looked like me. And, she was good. THE BEST. Most importantly, she did it in style. This was one of my first examples that proved to me that I could be myself in anything I wanted to do. It showed me that there were people just like me. She was someone who enjoyed looking good and she put the work in to be the best at the same time. So, it’s possible to do both.

Have you ever used hair color as a way to express your personality or individuality? Hair color is definitely a way that I have expressed my personality and individuality. I’ve had blonde hair, purple, pink, and even red which was courtesy of Color&Co by L’Oreal.  Hair color and hair styles are a way to invoke an entire different part of myself depending on my mood, the occasion, my outfit, and any other million reasons I can think of. It really sets the tone for how I want to be perceived in a particular moment. Changing my hair color helps invigorate me as a whole.



What’s your favorite thing about Black culture or what makes you proud to be Black or a Black woman? What I love most about being Black is our resilience. We have been beaten down and shamed for YEARS and yet, we still show up and never let that stop us from being US.

What inspired you to become an influencer? I didn’t plan to become an influencer. I mostly just shared what I liked and what I didn’t like and people gravitated towards my honesty. When I started my natural hair journey it was a lot of trial & error involved between different products and techniques and I filmed EVERYTHING. I think that’s another reason why I grew a following because I do not show perfection. I try to be as real as I can with my audience without sharing TOO much of my life. But just enough so that I’m relatable and they feel comfortable enough to share their experiences with me as well.

Who is your favorite Black icon, why? BEYONCÉ. BEYONCÉ. BEYONCÉ. She makes me feel like I can do anything. And I CAN DO ANYTHING! Her music, her fashion, her voice just makes me feel celebrated and proud to be a creative, black woman.

Have you ever used hair color as a way to express your personality or individuality? Yes! I think changing your hair in anyway is a form of self expression. Whether it’s a new color, a new cut, or even adding hair to your hair. It’s fun and it makes you want to try new things and step out of the ordinary. It feels good to switch things up! Also, when you look good, you feel good!



What makes you proud to be a Black woman? It gives me so much pride to come from a lineage of those that have suffered and endured for so many years and yet have come out of it all prosperous! I’m most proud of my chocolate skin and knowing that forever I will look like I’m only 28!

What inspired you to become an influencer? I’ve always loved all things beauty. I suppose I was already an influencer many years before I really became one because I have always freely shared tips on how to take care of my hair, smell, look and feel good. Most often times, my co-workers, friends and family bought what I suggested because they simply wanted what I use or wore and they trust my opinions. When I realized I could make a career out if it, I then decided to officially become what we all know as an Influencer.

Who is your favorite Black icon, why? Michelle Obama. It’s pretty simple why she’s my favorite – she’s extremely brilliant, black, bold and the epitome of beauty. She is an amazing mother and is the wife to the first Black President of the United States.

Have you ever used hair color as a way to express your personality or individuality? Yes, I’ve often used the hair color black as it makes me feel happy and confident. There’s something about having black colored hair that will always make me feel like I can conquer anything.

What an honor it has been to learn about what makes each of these ladies proud to be Black and how they are using their influence to encourage, uplift and motivate others. We hope you’ve been inspired, too! We just love hearing how beauty and haircolor truly helps to express their uniqueness as Black women. Be sure to follow these beauties on Instagram for a daily dose of motherhood, beauty, fashion, and culture, of course!