Updated January 16, 2021


At Color&Co we offer a complimentary face to face video consultations to all of our customers. So, if you find yourself in a bind needing color and can’t get to your salon, this is the best way to get custom at-home hair color without compromising your safety. Through this real-time diagnosis, you and your colorist are able to co-create your unique formula. Whether its for gray coverage or discovering the right hues for your skin tone. We give advice on application techniques, product recommendations, and will even validate your quiz results. It’s a beautiful marriage of expertise and convenience.

We are available to meet you Mon-Fri, 8am to 12am EST. You will be connected instantly, no appointment needed. Here are a few important things to remember before you start your consultation. 


Make sure you have 10-15 minutes free to do your consultation. Some consultations may take longer depending on the service needed.


Choose a quiet well-lit room and connect to WIFI, so that you are seen and heard as clearly as possible.



Start your consultation using a Chrome or Safari browser and make sure to allow access to your camera.


Be willing to move around the house to get into the best light (sunlight).


Try to remember all the hair color or other chemical treatments you have had over the last two years and be honest!


If you have pictures or other inspirations have them open on a different device such as a laptop or tablet.


Be open-minded. Our colorists are highly trained and experts in their field. A hair color you never imagined may be your best option.

Remember, there are several factors involved with coloring your hair, and there isn’t a one size fits all approachColor&Co colorist Troy Payne says, “Being able to see you and your hair will take all of the guess work out of getting you your perfect color. Let’s Connect!