Ladies, if you have spent the last 10 years of your life raising kids and/or building a career, now is the time to focus some energy on yourself. You’ve been so busy that you may not have noticed that your hair has gone through quite a bit of stress and change. Suddenly you wake up one morning, look in the mirror and there are the unmistakable signs of aging staring back at you: gray, texture changes and thinning.

Now that the kids have become more independent and your career is established, the time is now to turn back the clock. Read on to discover how to address those new signs of your aging hair after forty and how to help reignite the more vibrant, youthful you. 


At this point you may already have a hair coloring routine that you’ve grown accustomed to. Whether it be plucking out those first few grays with a tweezer, disguising them with a spray or mascara, or buying whatever’s on special at the corner store, now is the perfect time to nail down the best coloring service to suit your lifestyle as it is today. With so many choices out there, how can you know what’s best for you? Take a look:  

Demi-Permanent: The perfect introduction to haircolor when covering those first gray hairs. A no-ammonia color, demi-permanent shades require minimal commitment to coloring by providing sheer coverage that fades out over time leaving little to no harsh regrowth line. To get a shade that’s ideal for you, choose a Color&Co demi-permanent shade for gray blending when taking the quiz or discuss options live with a colorist when consulting. 

Permanent: If you have about 50% gray hair, or if you just don’t want to see any of it anymore, a permanent color is required to achieve full coverage. Choosing a color that is 1-2 shades lighter than your natural will optimize coverage and will help to make your gray hair look less obvious as it grows back in (bonus!). Aim for shades that are natural to warm in tone to keep your skin looking youthful; ash shades sometimes have a tendency to make a complexion look ‘washed out’, especially when the skin is aging. The closer you are to 100% gray, the more frequently you will want to color your hair to keep the gray at bay. Colorbox subscriptions can be scheduled for home delivery as regularly as every 3 weeks to stay on top of those roots. 

Highlights: A highlight service typically involves bleaching some strands of hair while other strands of hair remain uncolored. Essentially, this service camouflages the gray by lightening the overall look of the hair. Because it can be labor intensive and requires intricate execution, highlights are best when left for a professional to do. They can be considered high-maintenance due to the time it takes to get the service done and the expense of having them done professionally. 


Not only are you seeing all those grays in the mirror, you’re feeling them, too. Rough, wiry and lackluster – what’s a girl to do? Relax, we’ve got you covered. 

Condition: Now that your focus is returning to you, there’s time for a weekly deep conditioning treatment. Incorporating a cream-based leave-in conditioner to your haircare routine will help to improve your hair’s moisture. 

Style: Let go of the hair past your shoulders. Really. Hair that length has been around a long time and is likely fragile and in very poor condition. Wear a haircut above the shoulders for manageability. It will also help the hair look fuller (yay!).  

Color: Most haircolor contains some level of conditioning, such as coconut oil in Color&Co formulas, which will help to soften and retexturize rough-feeling hair. Both permanent and demi-permanent color provide incredible shine to grays that can look flat or drab. 

Pro Tip
Switch cotton pillowcases to satin and use a microfiber towel to dry your hair to help reduce breakage and frizz.

Density or Thinning 

Aging brings hormonal changes than can affect your hair growth. Often, the body is producing less hair at a slower rate while the individual strands themselves become thinner. What can be done? Keep reading. 

Apply color creatively: Color can add depth to the hair. Use two shades, a lighter one on top and a deeper one underneath to create the illusion of density. Another option is to paint low-lights to create dimension.  

Color often: Keep your roots colored frequently to avoid a thin look at the scalp area.  

Add volume: If you’re not already, use a volumizing shampoo and a conditioner that won’t weigh your hair down, such as Color&Co Flow. Try a volumizing spray at the roots to keep the hair from being flat. 

Now that you’ve gotten some ideas on how to manage your aging hair, it’s time to get some inspiration. Who in the magazines or TV ads has a color you’d like to tryMaybe Nicole Kidman or Regina KingNo matter who, Color&Co has a solution for you to stay on trend! Do it for yourself or to influence a friend or neighbor or to even impress your spouse. We all love a boost of confidence every now and again. Cheers to being 40 plus and fabulous!