August 6, 2020


Have you ever wondered how to get an Instagram influencer worthy, contest winning hair-selfie? Follow these 5 easy Pro-tips on how to achieve your best selfie!… And get a peek at some of our amazing custom hair color!


Pro-tip 1: Style your hair to make your color pop

Loose curls tend to enhance the look of the color. Use a flat iron to eliminate frizz/fly always. Pull hair forward to frame your face and lift up the root to give your hair a little volume. Your hand makes a great prop to place focus on the hair.


Pro-tip 2: Lighting is key especially when taking a hair selfie

Natural lighting is the best, but try to avoid bright sunlight. The best outdoor lighting is the period of time shortly after sunrise and before sunset. Photographers refer to this as the “golden hour.” If you must use artificial lighting try different lighting throughout your home. Lastly AVOID FILTERS. This helps to capture the most true tone and shine of your new hair color.


Pro tip-3: Choose a background that is neutral

A clean background without clutter is ideal. Portrait mode works great too! Anything to avoid distractions in your background.

Pro-tip 4: Know your angles and work them!

We all have a “good” side. Your hair might be a little fuller one side or your natural curl might be more defined. This is the side you want to focus on . You also want to be comfortable in your selfie so what ever angle makes you feel most confident go for it! And don’t forget to smile- keep is natural, simple, genuine.

Pro-tip 5: Photo-shoot

Take as many pictures as you need! Practice makes perfect.

Now that you know how to take your best selfie we want to see them! Tag us in your photos of your hair color results on Instagram, @colorandco #colorandco!