We understand that when it comes to at home hair color, things can get messy and overwhelming very quickly. Follow this guide from the experts at Color&Co Personalized Color by L’Oreal to learn how to color your own hair like a pro.


Prepare for your color application 

Keep in mind that sometimes at home color tends to be a little “loose” because the viscosity allows for a faster bottle application, and an easy pull through for even results. Expert professional colorist Troy Payne adds, “If you tend to be a warm person your body heat will cause the color to thin out even more.”  For a best practice, set out all of the items in your colorbox, change into an old t shirt and keep a few towels on-hand to catch drips before you start your color application.  


Section for success

Sectioning is huge when it comes to coloring your own hair. Especially, if you’ve ever missed spots or lost your place during an applicationSectioning provides you with a road map to follow and allows you more ease and control throughout the process.  

Pro Tip
If your hair is really long or thick, holding each section with a clip is super helpful, as you will be working in one section at a time!

Prevent color stains

Before beginning your color application, you will need to prevent your skin from stains. Dark shades and reds tend to cause the most aggressive staining. According to Color&Co colorist, Christina Denny, “Stain Block, the barrier cream-gel found in every Color&Co colorbox, should be applied to the front and back hairline, as well as the tops of the ears to prevent staining. Keep the Stain Block off of the hair as it could prevent the hair from coloring.” 

Apply like a pro 

Begin by reading your personalized instructions, a successful application means complete coverage and saturation of the hair color. To achieve this, the smaller the partings the better. The standard parting is around ¼”. For thicker or resistant gray use a finer parting, you should be able to read a newspaper through it. Similar to the thickness in the visual below:

Mix your color. If you are resistant gray, start your application in the most resistant areas first. Using your finger press the color onto the desired color area. If needed, use vertical partings in the back section for ease of application.  

Once you have completed the entire head, using the reusable color brush provided in your first Color&Co colorbox, cross check each section. Part your hair in the opposite direction of your original parting. For example: if you used horizontal partings in the front sections, cross check using vertical partings. Reapply color to any missing spots. Finally, pay special attention to the hairline and temples. Be sure those areas are fully covered.

Pro Tip
Pull color through your ends with a wide-tooth comb

Rinse and repeat 

You are almost ready to unveil your new beautiful color! After you’ve applied your color according to instructions and timing. It’s time to rise. Best practice is rinse and rinse until the water turns clear. Pay special attention to your front and back hairlines and in your crown area where hair tends to be the densest. Thorough rinsing prevents any additional staining to clothing and surfaces caused by the color bleeding. Once the water is clear follow up with Color&Co Infuse Replenishing Conditioner for 2 minutes to seal in that beautiful new color, then rinse some more! 


Remember to take your time to avoid splashes and spills. There is less reward in finishing faster than being efficient.  Also, try not to lean up against things with the color on your head, and remove your gloves before touching faucets, door handles etc. Now go tell all your friends you’re a DIY hair color bad-ass minus the mess!