March 16, 2020


The hardest part about coloring your own hair at home is reaching the back of your head. It can be quite frustrating and make for a not so great experience. So, if you can’t grab a friend for help, no need to fret, just follow these 3 simple tips to reach those hard to reach places. 

1. Use 2 mirrors.  This is a great way to get a visual on the back of your head.

2. Take vertical partings. This allows for more ease and comfort when applying hair color. 

3. Use your hands. This facilitates the color spreading through the lengths of your hair quickly. 

Pro Tip
If you have long or thick hair divide the back of your head into two, easy to handle sections and hold with a clip, this allows for more control when applying hair color.

Like learning any new skill, patience and practice is key. Coloring your own hair will get easier over time. Give these tips a try and improve your DIY color experience!