June 4, 2020


After being stuck at home, out of nowhere, for nearly 3 months now, I’m sure most of us wished we had a hairstyle that didn’t require so much effort to maintain on a daily basis. Rolling out of bed at 8:45 for that 9am video-meeting left little to no room for a full-on, perfectly coiffed hairdo….

Check out these 11 looks that grow out gracefully and are easy to maintain and style on the fly.

Shag – add texture, and depth to your hair whether it be long, short, straight or curly.


Tapered Curls – easily styled as a wash-n-go or for a long lasting style try a twist out.


Lob or Long Bob – classic and universal. Great for fine straight hair. All the bob feels, but you can still wear it up in a ponytail!


A-Line Bob – slightly angled toward the front, this cut is flattering for most face shapes, and definitely a fan favorite.


Square Bob – geometric and stylish but effortless, usually between chin and shoulder length. Best for straight hair of any texture: fine, medium or coarse.


TWA (Teeni-Weeni Afro) – great for transitioning from relaxed hair to natural, allowing for more options with hair color!


Long Layers –  gives just enough movement in the perimeter, the outline of the hair. Great for fine hair that tends to be limp or lifeless. Makes those quick 5-min waves pop!


Face Frame with Long Layers – great for long thick hair by helping to remove some weight and adding movement and definition. Can be worn blow-dried or curly depending on your mood (or the weather)!


Square Layers – Great for rocking your natural texture. Wavy, curly or extra curly.


Curtain Bangs- super on trend look. Can easily be grown out into a face-frame.


Buzzcut – The Ultimate low maintenance haircut!! Men and women alike are turning to this distinctive look! Can easily be maintained with a pair of clippers and a guard.